The Seventh International PhD Students' Workshop Control & Information Technology IWCIT'08
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The Seventh International PhD Students' Workshop Control & Information Technology IWCIT'08

Programme of the IWCIT'08 Conference

1st Day, Thursday, September 18, 2008

8:00 - 9:45 - Registration

8:00 - 9:45 - Opening of the Workshop (prof. Z. Filus) - Room D

Section 1 / Room D

10:00 - 11:40 - Information Technology (Session IT - A1) - Chairman: prof. E.Tkacz

  • Adamusiński Łukasz: Application of LM Algorithm to Parameter Estimation of Cell Signaling Pathway Model
  • Hon Vladimír, Pokorný Miroslav: Fuzzy-Qualitative Approaches on Vague Systems Modelling
  • Lorenc Vlastimil: The Selection of Patterns in Training Set for On-Line Neural Network Identification
  • Sot Karol, Święcicki Mariusz, Wajs Wiesław: Autonomous Agent as Transactional System Based on the Technical Analysis
  • Tran Khanh Hung: A Novel Genetic Algorithm for Solving the Economic Dispatch Problem

11:40 - 12:00 - Coffee Break

12:00 - 13:20 - Information Technology (Session IT - A2) - Chairman: dr A. Pułka

  • Bąk Mariusz: Robust Cepstral Features for Speaker Verification
  • Liviu Petrean, Toderean Gavril: Portable Executable Files Security Patterns
  • Malý Jan: Wavelet Transform for SIMD Architectures
  • Líška Miroslav: UML Model Validation with Axiomatic Knowledge Architecture in Context of Expert System for MDA

13:20 - 15:00 - Lunch Break

15:00 - 16:20 - Information Technology (Session IT - A3) - Chairman: dr N. Henzel

  • Dragos Bratasanu, Popescu Anca, Faur Dana, Datcu Mihai: Sequential Fragmentation in Earth Observation Images
  • Patrascu Carmen, Popescu Anca, Gavăt Inge, Datcu Mihai: SAR and Optical Change Detection Based on Information Theoretical Similarity Measures: A Comparison
  • Popescu Anca-Andreea, Gavăt Inge, Datcu Mihai: SAR Image Time-Frequency Information Extraction Based on Rényi Entropy

16:20 - 16:40 - Coffee Break

16:40 - 18:00 - Information Technology (Session IT - A4) - Chairman: prof. Z. Filus

  • Noskovičová Lucia: Camera Calibration Techniques
  • Vaduva Corina, Faur Daniela, Gavăt Inge, Datcu Mihai: Image Characterization Using Multi-Object Spatial Relationships
  • Zawadzki Tomasz, Warszawski Korneliusz: Virtual Reconstruction Zielona Góra Old Town Using VRML

Section 2 / Room E

10:00 - 11:40 - Information Technology (Session IT - B1) - Chairman: prof. E. Piętka

  • Babušiak Branko: Synchronisation of the Video and EEG Signal in Order to Detect Eye Artefacts
  • Cerny Martin, Penhaker Marek: The Circadian Rhythm Monitoring
  • Doniec Rafał: The Optimization of Close-Loop Insulin-Blood Glucose Model with the Use of Bar Dry Tests
  • Gála Michal, Mohylová Jitka: Automatic Sleep Status Analysis
  • Gintrowski Artur, Tkacz Ewaryst: Low-Level Analysis of Oligonucleotide Microarrays

11:40 - 12:00 - Coffee Break

12:00 - 13:20 - Control Systems (Session CS - B2) - Chairman: doc. W. Ciążyński

  • Florescu Mihaela Cecilia: Tentacle Robotic Arm Based on the Smart Materials
  • Gancarczyk Arkadiusz: Mobile System on LabVIEW Environment Based on CompactRIO
  • Messaouda Azzouzi: Evaluation of Adaptive Stochastic Control in Pyrolysis Reactor
  • Tomczyk Marcin: Ordered Adaptive Vector Median Filter

13:20 - 15:00 - Lunch Break

15:00 - 16:20 - Control Systems (Session CS - B3) - Chairman: dr Z. Rymarski

  • Messaouda Azzouzi: Linear Programming Methodology in Medium Optimization of Pyrolysis Reactor
  • Miksanek Vojtech: Predictive Control with Nonlinear Neural Network Model
  • Korbel Petr, Krecek Tomas: Sensorless Control of Asynchronous Motor Using Voltage Signal Injection
  • Tomczyk Marcin: Improved Adaptive Vector Median Filter

16:20 - 16:40 - Coffee Break

16:40 - 17:40 - Electronics and Telecommunication (Session ET - B4) - Chairman: prof. E. Hrynkiewicz

  • Gasparesc Gabriel: Virtual Instrument for Sag Modeling and Analysis in Power Quality
  • Vaculík Petr, Rech Pavel: New Converters for Electric Vehicles
  • Kvas Marek: Dynamic Partial Reconfiguration of FPGAs

2nd Day, Friday, September 19, 2008

Section 1 / Room D

9:00 - 10:20 - Electronics and Telecommunication (Session ET - A5) - Chairman: doc. A. Błaszkowski

  • Piaskowy Anna: An Application of the Charge Balanced Bridge for the Resistive Voltage Divider Ratio Measurements
  • Szelest Marcin: Disclosure Emission Analyses for Expanded Design Flow of FPGA/ASIC
  • Kirei Botond Sandor, Topa Marina, Dornean Irina, Fazakas Albert: Verilog Implementation of Image Rejection Filter Based on Statistical Computation
  • Szolga Lorant Andras, Festila Lelia, Cirlugea Mihaela: Analog Current-Mode Multiplying Cell

Section 2 / Room E

9:00 - 10:20 - Electronics and Telecommunication (Session ET - B5) - Chairman: dr J. Izydorczyk

  • Kana Zdenek: Localization in Wireless Personal Area Networks
  • Kyzioł Piotr, Grzechca Damian, Jantos Piotr, Rutkowski Jerzy: Impedance Matching Concepts in RF Systems Based on TRF7960 Example
  • Silhavy Petr, Silhavy Radek: Web-Based and Mobile Communication in Healthcare Sector
  • Wagner Petr: Wireless Communication for Robot-Soccer Application

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